Da Nang is a fast growing city in SE Asia. There is a lot of construction, especially in the My An area near the beach, which means new hotels, cafes, and restaurants for the increased tourism. There are also a few digital nomads starting to visit, and while it’s not the next Chiang Mai yet, there’s super fast wifi, great cafes, and a great social scene.

We spent 5 days in Da Nang at the beginning of this year and really enjoyed it. There are some great places to eat and work if you know where to look. We felt like we weren’t ready to stop exploring and were sad to leave. We’ll be back for sure!

Here are our favourite places to work in My An:

Bread n’ Salt Cafe

Once we found this place we spent 2 full days here! It’s perfect for working with lots of tables with power, excellent big mugs of coffee, and great food. It’s big, bright, welcoming, and the staff are super friendly. Plus, it’s open until 10pm which is great.

Pros: fast wifi, A/C, power sockets, fantastic coffee, open until 10pm

Cons: honestly, none!

Big and super bright


Cute cafe with a good selection of Western breakfast and tasty coffee. There aren’t many work-friendly tables — there’s a couple of sofas and lounge chairs, and only a couple of sockets. We liked having breakfast and working for a couple of hours and then going somewhere else.

Pros: good Western breakfast, tasty coffee, fast wifi

Cons: no A/C, few tables, not many sockets, lots of mosquitos at sundown (though they provide free repellent)

They recently moved location so the new one has very few pictures on Google.

I didn’t get a picture of this place inside so here’s the outside from their Facebook

Drop Coffee

Small cafe with excellent coffee. They only have a few tables but we sat outside for a couple of hours.

We didn’t stay long enough to need power, so I’m not sure if they have sockets, but the coffee is worth a visit. Plus, next door is this incredible French Bakery, Le Bordeaux, that has the best lemon tart I think I’ve ever eaten!

Pros: amazing (and cheap) coffee, friendly staff, great wifi

Cons: very small, not really setup for working all day, not sure if they have power

These places were also on our list, but we didn’t get a chance to check them out:

  • 43 Factory Coffee Roaster — a very hipster/fancy looking coffee roaster with huge windows and instagram-able koi lake. Some friends reported that they liked working here, but that it was expensive.
  • The Cups Coffee — a common chain in Vietnam which is an easy go-to for working, especially if you like to work late.

We really enjoyed our stay in Da Nang! Despite the construction we found some cute streets in My An to eat and drink in the evenings. We also found out there is a Pizza 4P’s, which is probably my favourite pizza in the world, and even a taproom — 7 Bridges Brewing Company!

Everything is really cheap — getting around via Grab, local food, and nice hotels/apartments. We have already put Da Nang on our list to visit again!

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